Factory Color Matched Paints

     For that perfect Restoration, Hyper-Formance offers Factory Color Matched paints. These were expertly color matched to factory NOS cans of paint, and NOS chainguards and frames.  Available in HALF Pints, 12 ounce Spray Cans and 1 ounce touch up bottles. Hyper-Formance paint is Sherwin-Williams Ultra 7000 Urethane basecoat/basecoat/clearcoat.

     Due to the increased cost of paint and collector demand, I am now selling paint in HALF Pint quantities. (Pints are still avauilable, but I need two days lead time to order them.) A Half pint is plenty to spray one bike. If you have a small "detail" guy and spray wisely, you might be able to spray two bikes with a half pint, but I'm not promising that you can. 

     Pints must be used with a compressor and paint spray gun. This is best left to an experienced auto painter. I refer everyone who is inexperienced in painting to Dave Erickson in Minnesota, his phone number is: 952-473-8365  or cell 612-418-0433, and he does excellent work! 

     For the rest of you non-professional painters, a half pint will paint one bike. Half pints must be reduced with Sherwin-Williams BCS Basecoat Stabilizer or a quality Urethane Basecoat reducer.  Reducing instructions are on the can and online. The Basecoat Stabilizer or reducer needs to be chosen for the temperature you are spraying in. Information and product data sheets can be obtained thru the web at: www.sherwin-automotive.com or from their fax-back number: 1-800-539-5409. Clearcoat should be urethane. Sherwin-Williams offers many different variations of clear, I personally use their "CC930 Ultra Speed-Plus Performance Clearcoat". It offers great gloss and dries quick to minimize runs and dirt. You can use most other brands of urethane clearcoat, I've never heard of compatibility issues with them (but there could be a first, always test spray).  The first two coats should be sprayed "dry" and allowed to dry longer than usual. Basecoat Stabilizer, pints/quarts of clear, reducer and catalyst are available locally. If there is demand, or if you cannot obtain locally I can supply them for you. 

     I now offer urethane colors in 12 ounce spray cans! Spray cans require a bit more skill, as spray cans are either "On" or "Off", there is no "feathering" possible, but an EXCELLENT, show-quality paint job can be produced with my cans. 

     Primer and Basecoat are not the same thing! Primer needs to be purchased from Hyper-Formance or at an AUTO paint store, not an auto parts store or Home Depot...there IS a difference. Primer must be compatible with automotive urethane basecoat.

     For clear, I offer U-Pol #1. It is a very high gloss, high solids clearcoat from England. It is the BEST spraycan clearcoat I have ever used!

    One spray can of Primer, one spray can can of Aluminum basecoat, two spray cans of color and one can of clear are required to paint a complete bike in a candy or Kool Lemon. Solids other than Kool Lemon do not require the basecoat. These are bodyshop quality spray cans and are NOT compatible with hardware store or auto parts store paints.  

     Touch up is best used for bikes that have very few minor nicks. Candy Colors are meant to be sprayed, and brush touch-ups larger than a pin-head don't look all that great. Remember, aluminum basecoat is needed along with the candy colors. Hyper-Formance touch-up glass bottles fit airbrushes, but do not come thinned.

     If you have doubts as to how to do painting, there are several good books available at your local library or through most larger bookstores. Candy Colors require a bit of skill to apply correctly.

     The new Hyper-Formance Urethanes are compatible with the previous lacquer colors. Call me with ANY questions or compatibility concerns before spraying. The main difference is the solvents used are "Environmentally Friendly" on the new urethanes. Be sure to wear proper respirator equipment..."Environmentally Friendly" does not mean "Lung Friendly". 

     Decals came from the Schwinn Factory on top of the clear. ***Got to the "Decal" page for decal application instructions under clearcoat and for Micro Set usage instructions. 

UPDATE: One of the toners used to make Kool Lemon paint has more than doubled in price recently. Around 90% of Kool Lemon is created from this incredibly expensive toner. Kool Lemon paint is now $33.75 a spray can or $95.00 per half pint.

Candy Colors: Solid Colors Pricing
Sky Blue

Radiant Coppertone

Campus Green

Flamboyant Lime

Flamboyant/Cardinal Red


Kool Orange

Sunset Orange

Cotton White

Kool Lemon (requires aluminum basecoat)

Grey Ghost Silver (which is the aluminum basecoat cleared)

12 ounce Spray cans of paint or Aluminum Basecoat EXCEPT KOOL LEMON  $25.75 each

12 ounce Spray cans of Kool Lemon $33.75 each
HALF pints of paint or aluminum basecoat EXCEPT KOOL LEMON $52.00 each

Half pints of Kool Lemon $95.00 each
12 ounce Spray U-Pol High-Build primer-surfacer  $13.00 each

One Ounce Touch Up $8.50 each

Kool Lemon Touch Up $14.50 each

(Touchups and paints MUST be shipped via UPS, not USPS)


Wow! Imported from England!
This stuff is the most awesome Clearcoat
I've found! High-solids, incredible gloss, easy application, fast drying, UV resistant....this Clear will
look like you sprayed it from a gun!
Expensive, but worth it!
$29.00 for a 450ml can, enough to do one bike with ease.
I am always trying new products, and this Clear really impressed me!
Clear Coat



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