Hello Sting-Ray Enthusiasts!

It's October 5th 2016. I just got off the phone with Schwinn's General Counsel, Nico Zimmerman, at Pacific Cycle.

I've been having a back and forth conversation with Rachel Mokelke, Schwinn's Brand Protection Specialist, over the last couple weeks.

Basically, I will be stopping the Sting-Ray parts & accessory business. Schwinn has not been living up to the task of shutting down unlicensed sellers and I've had enough of this crap. So, unless something changes at Schwinn, I am windingdown and will stop selling all Schwinn items in a couple months.

Yes, All.

I appreciate the loyal following from all 20,000 of you since 1991.

My website will change this week, my decal listing is pretty accurate right now though. Seat kits will be increasing in price to $60.00. What I have is what I have.Shipping may be a day or three behind due to demand and phone conversations :-)
Call/email me with any questions. I'll return emails and voice mail asap if I miss you.

Again, thank you for over 25 years of loyalty.
Pete Aronson

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Schwinn Contacts:To turn in an unauthorized seller, phone in your general displeasure or to email to Nico and Rachel.

Nico Zimmerman

Rachel Mokelke-Heineman

1 Cannondale Way
Wilton, CT 06897